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Last updated on 6-Feb-2004 8:49AM CST.


Please read the documentation and Frequently Asked Questions before downloading WebCam2000.

If you email Jeff a question that is answered in the FAQ, it may be ignored. (He's a pretty busy guy.)


WebCam2000 does not include an installer, so to install WebCam2000, simply unzip the WebCam2000 file into a directory of your choice. file "webcamdoc.html"  explains how to use the program.

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WebCam2000 Version 1.67 Bug Fixed
Posted: 6-Feb-2004 8:49AM CST
Topics: [Download] [WebCam2000]

To the 22 of you who have download WebCam2000 1.67 in the past hour: a bug that caused WebCam2000 not to properly read saved settings has been corrected. Please re-download version 1.67.

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