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WebCam2000 Re-write
Posted: 1-Feb-2004 6:36AM CST
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Hi, I'll be using this page to make announcments to those who are interested in WebCam2000 development.

After looking over the WebCam2000 source code, I've decided its time for a major refactoring. It's time that I take my years of programming experience and apply some decent software engineering techniques to this project.

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Posted by noch on 18-Jul-2004 12:34PM CDT
Hey, im using this so my gf can see me overseas. If anyone is interesting in adding chat capabilities please respond. Ive been working on this for a couple of weeks to no sucess.
Posted by dirk on 1-Oct-2004 6:01PM CDT
I have been using this program for a long time and its works great, and i too have been looking for a program like this with keyboard chat/or voice and file upload capability. As it is stands it the best webcam program i have used and it would be even better with a bell to indicate some one has connected with the cam. The main thing is to keep it simple for observation and communicating and make it USER to USER and no other rubbish with group chat or advertising etc. I would do it myself only my programming skills are limited to the old C64 basic and even thats limited, so i am stuck with what others can come up with.
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