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Last updated on 6-Feb-2004 6:59AM CST.

About The Source

[WebCam2000]This source code was largely written by Paul Chinn. Jeffrey Carlyle is the current maintainer of the WebCam2000 project. The code is written in C++ using the MFC libraries and compiled with Microsoft Visual C++.NET.

Some snippets of code from third party sources were used. The snippets are attributed in the source code and their copyright headers remain in tact.

The source for WebCam2000 contains some features that MFC programmers might be interes in:

  • Winsock
  • Tray Icon
  • Building a menu on the fly
  • Hotlink URLs in dialog boxes
  • use of the video capture API

The source is covered under the "Artistic License" which is the same license used by the Perl programming language. Details on the copyright and license can be found in the COPYRIGHT and LICENSE files included in the distribution.

If you add a feature that others might consider useful, please send patches to Jeff for consideration for inclusion in the next release of WebCam2000. A file named TODO.txt contained in the source distributions lists features that Jeff might be adding.

Jeff will work on adding some of these features to future releases.

A new WebCam2000 mailing list has been created. If you wish to subscribe send an email to <>. This mailing list is the place to discuss work on possible additions to WebCam2000.

Download WebCam2000 1.67 source. (The source was compiled using Microsoft Visual C++.NET.)

WebCam2000 uses the free JPEG library from The Independent JPEG Group.

Also, code from CodeGurus, a website devoted to Windows programming examples and techniques, is used.

Contacting Jeff

If you wish to contact Jeff Carlyle, the current maintainer of WebCam2000, please email him at

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WebCam2000 Re-write
Posted: 1-Feb-2004 6:36AM CST
Topics: [Source Code]

Hi, I'll be using this page to make announcments to those who are interested in WebCam2000 development.

After looking over the WebCam2000 source code, I've decided its time for a major refactoring. It's time that I take my years of programming experience and apply some decent software engineering techniques to this project.

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